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Review on "Change" Lip Tint from Korean beauty supply store coming soon. - Mod Jessica

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Racism in advertising.
This is what we’re told constantly. That our brown skin is ugly and that we can only be beautiful if we’re white.

This makes me sick

I have never seen any of this marketing… What the actual fuck?

You never see any of this marketing because these advertisements are only for countries like India/Pakistan (most of southern Asia) aka countries that have only brown people in them. So companies like Dove pretend to be all pro women loving themselves in the West so they seem ‘forward thinking’ or whatever, but show their true colors in poorer developing countries like mine that are willing to buy this shit.
Don’t buy their ‘feminist’ acts for one minute.

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Um, so I colored my hair purple (the short side)~ Have a purple theme going on here~ What do you think, is it good :3 




"After rain" look, using shiny top coat drops over matte finish.






"After rain" look, using shiny top coat drops over matte finish.



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hair is so weird… it’s just lines. and sometimes the lines look good and sometimes the lines look bad… how

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Further proof there’s no need to be white to look like a porcelain doll.

omfg she’s so adorable I’m gonna cry

Tonight my dashboard gets super kawaii

omg she is adorable icefsfhg

This was one of the gifsets I saw last year that inspired me to actually be lolita. 

courtney you stay on my dashboard.

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Yay! Finally working on a new blog entry!

Dang, sometimes my makeup routine/transformation is terrifying!

Anywho, makeup tutorial should be up tomorrow<3

Like, I’m not kidding when I say I’m 90% makeup~


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illgiveyousumluck asked: Peach colored corrector for the under eye ?


Peach or salmon toned concealers are great for under the eyes because they cancel out the purple/blue tones in dark under eye circles. You can use them alone as brightening concealers or under your normal under eye concealer! :)

My favorite Is the Bobbi Brown Corrector in Bisque. It’s super pigmented and extremely brightening. They have two corrector shades Bisque and Peach. Bisque would be best for light to medium skin tones and Peach would be best for medium to deep skin tones.


A more affordable option is Pixi Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach. It’s very similar in color to the Bobbi Brown Corrector! You can find this at Target or online for $12.

- Love, The Team
THE FACE SHOP Face it Aura Colour Control Cream SPF 30 PA++ Review


The general trend with CC creams is that they lacked coverage while providing us with more skincare benefits, so I would generally use them under my BB cream or foundation as a base.I’ve wanted to try CC creams and there was no way I was going to leave Korea without at least one. The Face Shop was one of the first stores we visited during our trip. The shop assistant there was very keen to recommend their selling CC cream that had coverage. While my skin generally isn’t too bad, I would still appreciate coverage to even out any red patches and minimize the appearance of my pores. However, The Face Shop’s CC cream resolved this problem by releasing this product with coverage.

The Face Shop Color Control Cream is a CC cream that creates a radiant and clear make-up appearance as if the skin is being spotlighted. Benefits/Effects include: Wrinkle Care, Whitening, UV Protection, Radiant & Brighter Skin Tone, Darkening-proof Formula (12 Hour Long-lasting), Silver Vine Complex: Skin Brightening Effect.


To use, press the button a few times to dispense the content. Apply the CC cream to the face with the included puff and gently tap it for better absorption.

The packaging for this CC cream is in the form of a dispensing powder pact. The exterior of it makes it look like a very thick, pearly pink powder pact. When you open it, you will find a small sponge for application. The sponge has very fine pores that are supposed to provide you with even, natural looking coverage.







(Applied without puff)


(Applied with puff)


I really like this product for various reasons: The coverage, moisture level and lightness. Even though it is a CC cream with added coverage, I expected it to be light coverage, just enough to cover up the redness and darker patches of your face and pores. However this CC cream provides light-medium buildable coverage that is equal to, and I would say possibly better, than some BB creams. It has a smooth semi- matte finish, which I appreciate as I noticed that a lot of CC creams tend to have overly dewy and sheer shine finishes that can come off a little unnatural sometimes. The shade of this CC cream is a little too white for me, but the undertone is very natural and gives my skin a nice healthy glow. Needless to say, my skin tone looks even and smooth after applying, especially with the use of the sponge puff provided. As the sponge puff is very fine, the CC cream is evenly spread over your skin and allows it to be well absorbed by your skin so that it looks well blended and smooth. The moisture level of this CC cream is good and keeps you from having to worry about your makeup foundation or BB cream from drying out your skin (if you use this under your base makeup). With this being a more moisturizing base with the addition of extra coverage, you would expect this CC cream to feel quite heavy and cake-up pretty easily. To my surprise, it is not like that at all. Not only does it feel light on your skin, it also doesn’t have the problem of looking cakey when you build it up. It also has added SPF to keep your skin protected from the sun’s rays. What didn’t really work as well for me with this CC cream is that it became greasy pretty quickly on a warm day. For me, it only lasted around 4 hours and almost 5 hours when I used blotting paper after applying. However if used in winter, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Overall I am very happy with this CC cream and would urge you guys to try it out if you are keen on using CC creams but don’t necessarily feel confident without a bit of coverage (because in all honesty, how many people are lucky enough to have flawless looking skin?)

- Does not feel heavy
- Good (medium) coverage
- Skin tone looks even
- Blends in well with skin
- Good quality sponge provides even application
- Added SPF

- Too white for my skin tone
- Starts to get a bit greasy after 4 hours

Rating/overall rating: 4/5


[Review] Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream Silky


Hello there my turtle doves! How is your Valentines day so far? Mine kinda sucks… Boyfriend stuck in England and me stuck in Sweden but I have some cookies to cheer me up!

Anyway aha… Today I am finally (yes, I say finally because I have had this for a good few months but haven’t got around to do a review so sorry for that…) here with my first ever CC cream review. 

I am probably the last person on earth to review this but hey ho, I wanna do it anyway so here we go!


I got the silky version which is for oilier skin types. I must give Etude a pat on the back for being one of a few companies to bring out a non-“shiny/glowy” cc cream as well. THANK YOU!

You can aslo see here all the 8 in 1 functions/benefits this CC cream has! Plus SPF 30/PA++. Sunprotection is always appreciated!



Ingredients list!



That’s enough of the box I think ~ 

Now, the packaging is really simple which we all love. Simplicity = easy to use.



Your “standard” pump packaging ~

Now for swatches :j




Some of you probably know that most CC creams are white, yes white. With tiiiiny black “beed” looking things in it. But do not fear my friends, you will not look like a ghost because once you blend it…



It turns into your skincolour, slightly lighter because of it’s “whitening” effect.

The texture is a mix between creamy and watery. Not greasy at all. Feels absolutely lovely on the skin and when it’s all blended, it feels like you’re wearing nothing. Blends beautifully without enhancing dry patches (at least not on me). When it sets it’s a demi-matte finish so for me who loves a good matte face, powder on top is necessary. Skin is smooth and more even after applying this to ma face!


Before ~


After ~ On my face (during better skin days…) My skin is brighter, more even, and smooth.

The coverage is not high, however do cover pores quite well on it’s own. But CC creams are not meant to have high coverage. Either you can use it underneath your bb cream which I have tried and loved, or, you can use it on it’s own and slap on some concealer too to cover up any imperfections.That’s what I do as well. But if you’re blessed with almost perfect skin (damn lucky you..), you wouldn’t even need concealer.

The smell (to me) is a mix of clay-esk and a bit citrusy? Maybe that’s wrong but my nose thinks that that’s the smell of it aha…

Now lasting power ~ I have combination skin so not too oily but not normal skin either. With only CC cream on I’d say it lasts maybe 3-4 hours but then it’s starting to melt off my face proper bad…

With concealer and powder, amazingly up to 7-8 hours before I start to look quite greasy (no top ups during the day).

I am very impressed with this CC cream and would warmly recommend it!

If I forgot to mention something just tell me ~ Have a lovely Valentines day everyone and I hope this was helpful!


What You Need To Know About BB And CC Creams!


What You Need To Know About BB And CC Creams!



- BB creams are an Asian import that became popular in the last 2 years, they are similar to foundation because they have some tint to them, but also contain a TON of healthy skin benefits.

- The BB stands for “Beauty Balm” or “Blemish Balm”

- BB creams provide skin coverage with lots of skincare benefits including: SPF, antioxidants, anti-aging elements, even outs skin tone, moisturizing abilities and lots of other things. 

- Lighter than foundation but heavier than moisturizers

- Gives your skin an luminous look

- Can be used as a primer, moisturizer or a stand alone light coverage foundation.

- Perfect for women who need a little pick me up!


- CC cream stands of color correcting, addresses issues of skin redness. They are also tinted like BB creams but are made very differently. 

- CC creams are lighter on your skin than BB creams are (more whipped, light fluffy feeling)

- Being called the “new and improved BB cream”

- CC cream is good for people who have acne prone skin as well as dull skin, if you have dark spots, and redness. 

- CC creams contain epidermal growth factors which stimulate collagen production in skin which speeds up skin regeneration. 

How To Pick Between The Two!

- Do you have skin that tends to be on the dry side? Your answer is BB

- Do you have oily skin that tends to have an uneven color tone? Your answer is CC

- Are you looking for more coverage but also want great benefits? Your answer is BB

- Do you want a light makeup-less feeling that still helps the way your skin looks? Your answer is CC

BB Cream Brands

- Smashbox camera ready BB cream SPF 35 - $20 - Sephora

- The Body Shop All-In-One BB cream - $20 - The Body Shop

- Dior nude BB cream - $44 - Sephora

- Revlon photo ready BB cream - $10 - Target

- Stila all day 10-in-1 HD beauty balm spf 30 - $38 - Ulta

- Too Faced air buffed BB cream spf 20 - $39 - Ulta

- Maybelline dream fresh BB cream - $8 - Target

- Clinique age defense BB cream - $37 - Nordstrom

- Covergirl smoothers spf 15 BB cream - $7 - any drug store

CC Cream Brands

- L’Oreal visible life CC cream - $11 - Target

- Stila CC cream stick - $38 - Ulta

- Ole Henriksen CC cream - $36 - Sephora

- SugarGoop daily correct CC cream spf 35 - $32 - Ulta

- Clinique moisture surge CC cream - $35 - Nordstrom

- Lorac CC cream - $28 - Nordstrom

- Amore pacific color control spf 50+ - $60 - Sephora

- Almay smart shade CC cream - $9 - Target

FINALLY! An easy guide to all those BB, CC & DD creams



Thank you Women’s Health Magazine for putting together this super-simple guide to the differences of BB, CC & DD creams! 

BB Creams

What it stands for: Beauty balm
Texture: Creamy and moisturizing
What it does: Offers daily sun protection, extra hydration, and a touch more coverage than a tinted moisturizer. Because they don’t have a high concentration of anti-aging ingredients, “use them as a supplement—not in place of—your other anti-aging creams or serums,” says cosmetic chemist Ni’kita Wilson.

CC Creams

What it stands for: Color correcting
Texture: Lightweight and fast-absorbing
What it does: Imparts an airy veil of coverage and a boost of both instant and protective coverage. “They typically have light-diffusing particles, which visually even skin tone, plus a super-dose of antioxidants,” says Francesca Fusco, M.D, a New York City-based dermatologist.

DD Cream

What it stands for: Daily defense
Texture: See BB Creams
What it does: Not much more than its predecessors. “These have SPF, protect the skin barrier to prevent moisture loss, and balance uneven tone,” says Fusco. Overseas, though, DDs were created for dry areas like feet, knees, and elbows.

Check out the full article on Women’s Health Magazine - Online!

MINI HAUL: The Body Shop



After buying enough blushes to last me for a long time, I wanted to add to my lip products collection. I’m a HUGE fan of The Body Shop so I was keen to try out their lipsticks but as you can see…I ended up buying more than I intended to :/ 

1. Honeymania Shower Gel 
I bought this for my friend’s birthday~ Wasn’t sure which flavour to get her so I decided to go for honey because who doesn’t like honey! It was half price as well so it wasn’t too bad :) 

2. Mango Body Butter 
My reasoning for buying this is because it’s winter here in New Zealand at the moment and I need to keep my skin hydrated. I’m usually too lazy to put moisturiser on my body but I thought I should seeing as it’s winter. I was indecisive between mango and blueberry but in the end I chose mango because it’s for very dry skin (my skin is dry but I thought I’d get one for very dry skin just for that extra moisture) and because it smells HEAVENLY. Strawberry used to be one of my favourites but I found that to be too sweet for me. 

3. Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover 
After finishing my Missha Green Tea Lip&Eye makeup remover, I didn’t have time to buy a new one so I went a week without a proper eye makeup remover to remove my eyeliner D: I used this in The Body Shop and decided to buy it to try it out! 

4. Tea Tree Pore Minimiser 
Okay, this is the product I bought on impulse >< After I got home I thought “why did I get this?!” because I still have Skinfood Fresh Smooth Apple Pore Cream to use up :/ I definitely don’t need to buy any more pore creams/primers now… 

5. Colour Crush Lipstick in 110 Coral Blush 
This is the item I’m most happy about buying! The colour is so pretty and goes really well with my skin tone :) 

I ended up getting 2 $10 vouchers so that gives me an excuse to go back to buy more stuff…ughh. 

What are some of your favourite Body Shop products?



Channel your inner Angelina Jolie with this Maleficent makeup tutorial.


Channel your inner Angelina Jolie with this Maleficent makeup tutorial.

How to: Repair Shattered Press Powder


How to: Repair Shattered Press Powder

How to: Repair Shattered Pressed Powder

Tools you’ll need

// Widgets

  • A placemat (plastic, silicone, or any other acetone resistant material)
  • A towel or heavy duty face towel will do
  • 100% Acetone
  • A flat edge sharp metal tool with a safe and secure handle, I’ll be using a cuticle pusher
  • Q-tips
  • Metal spoon

How to Repair Shattered Pressed Powder

Step 1:

Clean all surface surrounding the compact.  Brush as much of the product back into its pan to salvage as…

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